ProDiscover Academic version is exclusively built for training and teaching purposes. The ProDiscover Academic version has all the features of the Pro version, with minor restrictions on commercial usage.

  • Helps learners to develop deep expertise in digital forensic methods.
  • Suits academic labs and training institutions.

ProDiscover Pro

ProDiscover Pro runs on a forensic workstation to which an investigator connects an evidence disk, captures a forensic image, analyzes the contents, and identifies evidence using a wide range of tools provided in the application. ProDiscover Pro has capabilities that fully utilize the hardware resources, be it high memory or multiple cores available on a system. ProDiscover Pro empowers investigators conduct in-depth forensic investigations through Capturing, Preserving, Analyzing and Reporting stages.

ProDiscover Enterprise

ProDiscover Enterprise enables investigators to remotely connect to a central server, upload a forensic disk image, and conduct forensic analysis on the server. Multiple investigators can run ProDiscover RemoteAgent at different locations, creating forensic images from connected evidence disks and upload the images simultaneously to the central server. The solution can be scaled based on the workloads being processed. The hardware infrastructure is fully utilized, as multiple processes run concurrently on the server. ProDiscover Enterprise Supports all the features of ProDiscover Pro.

About Prodiscover

Launched in the year 2001, ProDiscover has helped law enforcement in solving digital crimes. ProDiscover can be used to identify, preserve, collect, analyse and present evidence. Cyber security professionals use ProDiscover to respond to cyber attacks. ProDiscover provides monitoring tools to prevent and mitigate cyber security incidents.

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